New Building in Wellington

July 8, 2013

Growth continues at PBA with the Wellington based workforce outgrowing their operating base of the last 4 years.

The original two storied office building  had served the group well but became over-crowded for both personnel and equipment and so an office and work shop space was sought.  In April 2013 the Wellington group moved into a new building which provides much more office area upstairs in an open plan format with a separate meeting room and a large drive in / drive out workshop space on the ground floor. On top of all these features is plenty of parking for staff and visitors. 

This move is an exciting indication of progress not only in the Wellington region but the North Island in general with the new cables specialists immediately putting the new workshop space to good use.  This new building, workshop and storage space, provides an excellent base of operations for servicing PBA’s lower North Island project work load as well as allollowing office staff to spreadsheet out across a shared area to support the collaborative culture and team atmosphere.

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